Integral work order management for more than 330,000 work orders per year

The utility company Stadtwerke München carries out its supply mandate in the branches of electricity, gas, water and district heating. Stadtwerke München’s field services include a large array of order types, from readings and assembly to accounts receivable management. The different metre types for the various supply branches and the multitude of work order types place special demands on data collection and work order documentation.

Therefore Stadtwerke München was looking for an integral workforce management system, which is able to plan the deployment of field workers from all three branches and to perform the majority of the planning automatically. SWM also wished to integrate the SAP interfaces for importing and exporting base data from the various branches into the new system.

By choosing IVU.workforce in 2006, Stadtwerke München obtained a workforce management system that joins together the tasks of dispatching, planning and order documentation. The work order dispatch has since been extensively automated, standard workflows have been defined across the various branches. With all work of the company’s branches different branches (e.g. reading the water and electric metres) can be performed on-site by the same field worker.

IVU.workforce support order dispatch led to a clear increase in efficiency. Furthermore, consolidating and standardising its processes raised synergies, which is ultimately profitable for the end user as well. Moreover, data quality has increased since introducing IVU.workforce. Thanks to its online access via mobile end devices, work order data can be retrieved and forwarded practically in real time.


  • Optimise dispatch
  • Standardise data collection and documentation
  • Make it possible to work across all branches

Specific Features

  • Completely new conception and development with subsequent support since 2008
  • Various SAP peripheral systems