Saudi Railway Authority
(Saudi Arabia)

Driverless metro at the Princess Nora bint Abdul Rahman University in Riyadh.


JTMT Jerusalem

Planning for up to 6.500 daily trips on 90 routes for approximately 700 buses and passenger information via smartphone.


CP Comboios de Portugal

Planning and optimization for 375 vehicles and 1.500 employees on a transport network of 2.830 km. Integration, via standard interfaces, of IVU.rail in the existing infrastructure planning and personnel dispatch system environment.


Bus Éireann

Improved timetable quality and reliability, as well as better duty planning for the drivers.


Transport for London
(Great Britain)

Delivery of actual departure times for over 8.500 London buses at 19.000 stops via display panels, smartphones and the Internet-Cloud.


Wiener Linien

Central fleet management system and real-time passenger information for 29 tram lines.


MÁV Magyar Államvasutak

Personnel and vehicle planning for 1.000 locomotives in passenger and freight transport. Centralization of the planning and dispatch processes, which were previously distributed among different facilities. Early recognition of delays in freight transport through the integration of the vehicle localization system.


BKK Budapest

Integrated fleet management and passenger information system for 2.200 vehicles in the bus and tram transport network.


MPK Posen

Modern fleet management system for one of Poland’s biggest public transport companies.


Stadtwerke München

Automatized planning of work orders for external employees and implementation of a handheld device for the on-site registration of task data at the customer’s location.



Personnel and vehicle planning for punctual and flexible freight transport with 75 locomotives.


Punta Arenas

Planning for 60 natural-gas-powered buses and 100 drivers in the world’s southernmost city.



Planning and optimization of buses and ferries.


VR Group

With 19 rail tracks, Helsinki is one of Europe’s largest terminal railway stations. Trains are arriving and departing every minute and, in case of delays, free track sections must be found as soon as possible to redirect awaiting trains.



Integrated resource planning for the suburban railway system, with 160 trains. Interfaces for the network operator and the workshop.


Trenitalia (Italy)

Duty planning, optimization and dispatch, throughout Italy, for over 20.000 train conductors and crew, in passenger and freight transport. Company-wide data integration for regional and long-distance transport, creation of timetable books and data supply for the ticket reservation system.


BMCL Bangkok

Planning and dispatch for the metro of the Asian metropolis.


Express Rail Link Kuala Lumpur

Planning and dispatch for the express railway connection to the capital city’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


VNR Vietnam Railways

Planning, optimization and fleet management of vehicles and personnel for the whole country, real-time passenger information.


UFCMS Ulan Bator

Timetable planning and personnel and vehicle dispatch for the regional bus operator in the capital of Mongolia.


DPTI Adelaide

Centralized timetable planning for buses and trains in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area.


ARTA Auckland
(New Zealand)

This New Zealand company is focused in providing a quick, well-frequented and, above all, reliable timetable for its users, as well as providing them with real-time travel information.


Metro Cali

Providing planning and dispatch, fleet management, passenger information and controlling for a BRT system with 1.000 buses.


Rosario Bus

Efficient duty and timetable planning that not only respects the legal requirements, but also satisfies the company’s operational needs.


BVG – Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

Timetable planning and personnel and vehicle dispatch for 10 metro lines, 22 tram lines and 195 bus routes in the German capital. Announcement of departure times via display panels, Internet and smartphones.


Deutsche Post

Analysis and evaluation of the branch-office network. Planning for the mailing of the „Einkauf aktuell“ weekly magazine to 18 million households in 20 metropolitan areas.



Countrywide implementation and counting of ballots for all elections in the Netherlands since 2009.


Berlin (Head office)

IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Bundesallee 88
12161 Berlin

T +49.30.859 06 -0
F +49.30.859 06 -111



IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Etablishment Aachen
Borchersstr. 20
52072 Aachen

T +49.241.4 70 51-0
F +49.241.4 70 51-89



IVU Traffic Technologies AG
4051 Basel

T +
F +


Birmingham (GB)

IVU Traffic Technologies UK Ltd

Pointon Young
33 Ludgate Hill
B3 1EH

T +44 121 233 1030
F +44 121 615 3344


Budapest (HU)

IVU Traffic Technologies´AG

Kapitány u. 6.

T +36 1 214 9317
F +36 1 355 6983


Hanoi (VN)

IVU Traffic Technologies 1303 Vietcombank Tower

198 Tran Quang Khai


T +844 3825 1420
F +844 3825 1422


Bogotá (CO)

IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Calle 98 No 22-64
Oficinas 405-406
Bogotá, D.C.

T +57 6106 104 F +57 2568 393



IVU Traffic Technologies Benelux B.V.
Wiltonstraat 38-A
3905 KW Veenendaal

T +31.318.45 32 23
F +31.318.50 89 77


Santiago de Chile (CL)

IVU Traffic Technologies Chile Ltda.
Gral. del Canto 105 Of. 204
750-0588 Providencia
Santiago de Chile

Tel. +


Rome (IT)

IVU Traffic Technologies Italia S.r.l.
Via Cornelio Magni, 51
00147 Rome

T +39.06.9 44 29-600
F +39.06.5 13 31 78


Tel Aviv (IS)

IVU Traffic Technologies Israel Ltd.
HaMelacha 13
7152024 Lod


San Francisco (US)

IVU Traffic Technologies Inc.
350 Rhode Island Street
South Building, Suite 240
San Francisco, CA 94103

T +1 415 767 3637
F +1 415 767 3601


Paris (FR)

IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Paris Bourse
9, rue du Quatre Septembre
Paris, 75002

T +33 1 7098 3395
F +33 1 7098 3140


Ho Chi Minh City (VN)

No1, Sang Tao Street
E-Office Park (Tan Thuan EPZ)
District 7
Ho Chi Minh City

T +84 8 3770 1013
F +84 8 3770 1013


Montreal (CA)

IVU Traffic Technologies Canada
2001 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa
Montréal, QC H3A

T +1 514 22874 85
F +1 514 22874 01


  • We understand transport

    Systems for vibrant cities

    In vibrant cities, thousands of people and vehicles are on the move every day. The demands placed on transport systems increase consistently along with the size of the metropolises. In the past 50 years alone, the number of cities with over a million inhabitants has risen from 80 to 365.

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  • Products & Solutions

    IVU.suite for public transport

    Our IVU.suite offers the right support for all fields of activity in a transport company: from planning, dispatching, fleet management, ticketing and passenger information through to the settlement of transport agreements.

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  • Competence

    Optimisation with IVU

    Optimisation means achieving the best result possible while taking all requirements into account. If it was only a matter of finding the shortest path between two points, the solution would be simple. But finding the quickest route between a number of points, whilst taking all other conditions into account, is a highly complicated computational task.

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  • People at IVU

    Smart people for
    complex projects

    Cities are dynamic systems that call for intelligent IT solutions. The more complex the challenge, the more important it is to have a strong team. More than 400 employees develop software, advise our customers, draw up concepts, implement systems and optimise processes – and you can be a part of it.

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  • Products & Solutions

    Precise results with IVU

    There is a reason why the results of the 2009 European elections in the Netherlands and Germany were provided so quickly and reliably: the IVU.elect voting system. The system has also been used for the German parliamentary elections since 2002.

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Integrated resource planning


All planning and dispatch processes for personnel and vehicle deployment in a universal system.

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New features of the IVU.suite and optimisation – novelty IVU.pad

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IVU enters the Turkish market


Transport operator of Kayseri orders planning and dispatch solution

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IVU awarded contract from BLS for group-wide planning system


Largest private railway company in Switzerland orders integrated standard solution IVU.rail

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