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Whether they have five vehicles or fifty, a dozen employees or ten thousand, two routes or two hundred, transport operators provide valuable contributions every day. We are familiar with the challenges that bus and rail companies face and help them to keep all requirements manageable and to fulfil their tasks as effectively as possible.

IVU has been developing integrated IT systems for an efficient and environmentally friendly public transport for over 45 years. Using IVU.suite as our basis, we develop powerful IT products for bus and rail companies.

IVU. Systems for vibrant cities.

End-to-end solution for bus and rail

An integrated, one-stop solution – IVU.suite offers the right support for all fields of activity of bus and rail companies: from planning, dispatch, fleet management, ticketing, and passenger information through to the settlement of transport contracts.

Digital transformation –
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01 Order train paths

No train without a path. IVU.suite manages train paths directly in resource planning. Volatile conditions, such as train path changes at short notice, pose challenges for planners and dispatchers. The integrated train path management of the IVU.suite supports them in managing this highly complex task. With it, the timetable currently planned and published by the network operator can be viewed in the IVU.suite and integrated into operational timetable and vehicle scheduling.

Learn more about path management
02 Resolving disruptions quickly

Delays, bunching, accidents, emergencies – numerous events can disrupt operations. To ensure that passengers do not notice these, IVU.suite helps dispatch managers to respond quickly and appropriately in all situations. The system monitors all aspects of a trip, from the vehicle status and the timetable situation through to the current deployment of vehicles and staff. If any irregularities occur, it offers the right measures immediately, so that passengers reach their destination safely.

03 Digitalising workflows

From planning to dispatch to drivers: Digital workflows speed up processes and improve collaboration. Mobile staff can also be highly integrated in operational workflows via tablet. Whether holiday planning, duty requests or duty swaps, the entire dispatch process is fully digital. In addition, important documents such as duty schedules, manuals and forms are a fingertip away. This ensures that all employees are kept in the loop – any time, any place.

Learn more about the digital workplace
04 Creating fair duty schedules

The right employee in the right place at the right time: With IVU solutions, transport operators can ensure that all employees are where they need to be – whether that is driving a bus or operating a lifting platform in the workshop. IVU.suite is familiar with staff preferences and qualifications as well as the requirements of a duty, and hence creates fair and balanced duty schedules that comply with all rules. This ensures efficiency – and satisfied employees.

Learn more about IVU.crew and IVU.pad
05 Winning tenders

There are a host of crucial factors when competing for new concessions. Optimisation algorithms make the difference: As well as assisting with day-to-day operations, they help with business decisions, such as applications for new concessions. This makes it possible to calculate scenarios for parallel routes that have not yet been acquired and use them as a basis for an efficient service offering that puts operators a vehicle’s length ahead of the competition.

06 Making the most of electric buses

Battery-powered electric buses have now become commonplace at many transport operators. Charging management and charging times, ranges and route lengths, depot charging or opportunity charging – planners and dispatch managers must find the optimum solution to this complex puzzle. IVU.suite helps to optimise operational workflows, deploy electric buses efficiently and integrate them seamlessly into planning, dispatch and fleet management.

All about the use of electric buses
07 All from the cloud

With IVU.cloud, the complete software is available as a service. No more local installations. Always up to date, flexibly scalable. IVU takes over the entire technical operational management for the IVU.suite - from hosting and maintenance to the installation of updates. High-performance, highly available, secure and reliable: IVU.cloud remains fully scalable, for example for new routes or lines.

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This is what
our customers say

"The seamless combination of all data and areas of work in IVU.rail makes our processes significantly more efficient. Thanks to the great dedication of our employees, we carried out the system changeover quickly and successfully together with IVU despite the current situation."
Siegmund Freitag
Head of Production Planning | S-Bahn Stuttgart
"We are delighted to be extending our partnership with IVU further. If we are to effectively embrace the mobility transition, we need to overcome boarding issues. Switching to the IVU.cloud will assist us in this area. For many passengers, cashless payment is not only more convenient but also faster than paying with cash."
Frank Gäfgen
Managing Director | Stadtwerke Münster
"Thanks to its efficient schedule planning and duty scheduling, IVU.rail is perfectly suited to our requirements and can therefore be introduced without any modifications in no time at all. The software’s continuous flow of data will also help with the setting up of our new EVU traffic control centre."
Sascha Zuk
Managing Director | Regiobahn
"The modernisation of the passenger information was particularly challenging on account of the size of the bus stations, but also the specific Belgian requirements. Thanks to the IVU solution, we now have a central system for all data transmission for the control centre and passenger information in one."
Yvan Strubbe
Programme Manager | De Lijn
"Having our vehicles, conductors and train drivers in one integrated system opens up numerous opportunities for us to further develop our disruption management, resource optimisation and data-driven operations – a very good solution for the future."
Antti Peura
Head of Digital, Regional Services | VR Group
"Thanks to the integrated planning and scheduling of IVU.rail, we can now standardise many of our previously manual tasks in a digital process and thus work much more efficiently. This will increase our competitiveness, especially with regard to our targeted growth in the European market."
Dušan Mes
Director General | Slovenske železnice
"The integrated approach of IVU.suite convinced us. We will be able to standardise our software landscape and will have everything available from a single source. With IVU, we have gained an experienced partner for long-term cooperation in order to optimally position ourselves for future developments."
Bruno Stehrenberger
Director | Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe
"The introduction of this kind of system in so many control centres at once represents a mammoth task. We are delighted to have taken this important step, and, together with IVU, we will now work on exploiting the full potential of this application."
Christoph Fibranz
Project Manager | DB Regio AG
"The switch to IVU.cloud was a success. We now have a sustainable, extremely scalable and future-proof solution for supplying data to timetable information services throughout Germany. Thanks to IVU, DELFI is one of the first in Europe to provide the national timetable in the NeTEx EU profile."
Marco F. Gennaro
Managing Director | DELFI e.V.
"To create a forward-looking passenger transport, we have chosen flexible, high-performance solutions that keep pace with our requirements. In IVU.rail, we have found a system that provides us with the optimum support in order to meet increasing requirements."
Dirk Ballerstein
Managing Director (2014-2016) | Abellio Rail Mitteldeutschland GmbH
"With IVU, we have reached a new level of transparency and flexibility in duty scheduling and optimisation. IVU.rail has enabled us to find the genuinely optimum solution and increase our productivity on a long-term basis."
Mauro Natali
Production Manager Regional Transport during the IVU implementation project in 2016 | Trenitalia
"We were particularly impressed by the scope of services and the usability of IVU.rail. We are delighted to have IVU, an experienced partner, for this ambitious project, one of the world’s largest IT projects in the rail industry."
Dr. Frank Scholz
CIO (2010-2017) | DB Regio AG
"The collaboration with IVU has gone really well. Instead of coordinating multiple suppliers, we receive the entire service from a single source with the IVU.cloud, allowing us to respond quickly to changes and adapt the system flexibly."
Michel Thüring
Head of IT Production | SBB Cargo
"Thanks to IVU.suite, we can align and centrally manage our processes. This allows us to achieve a very high level of efficiency and makes life easier for our employees. This is a major step for us towards positioning us for future growth and the challenges on the market."
Henrik Behrens
Managing director for the bus division | Transdev GmbH
"IVU.suite has enabled us to roll out a solution throughout Switzerland and to establish uniform standardised processes. Nevertheless, we are still flexible where necessary. It allows us to increase our efficiency, reduce our costs and ensure that PostBus retains its competitiveness in the future."
Jean-Pierre Boillat
Head of Production Projects | PostBus Switzerland
"In Münster, our innovative fare solutions are setting standards for all of Germany. This has only been possible thanks to an effective IT solution. IVU.suite provided us with hardware and software under one roof and allowed us to implement our ambitions in an optimal fashion."
Reinhard Schulte
Head of Regional Transport Management (until 2020) | Stadtwerke Münster
"By introducing IVU.rail, MÁV was able to standardise and modernise their internal processes – thus making them more efficient. At the same time, the standard product’s wide range of parameters and customisability ensured that even MÁV’s complicated regulations could be well implemented."
Gábor Jandrasics
Managing Director | Soring

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We have been developing integrated IT systems for efficient and environ­mentally friendly public transport for over 45 years. More than 500 customers worldwide rely on the standard products of IVU.suite.

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