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The IVU.suite for rail transport

Every day is filled with complex tasks for railway companies: creating timetables, planning vehicle schedules, organising duties, operating trains, managing data and much more. These complex tasks require specialists with the right training and the right tools. 

IVU.rail comprises all products of the IVU.suite with special functions for rail transport. The system maps a railway company’s operational processes in their entirety, offering a suitable solution for every task. IVU.rail allows railway companies to establish an entirely digital workflow and to integrate all operations from planners to train drivers. Whether they use the end-to-end solution or stand-alone products, all data remains in a single system, ensuring efficiency on the rails and in the control centre. We understand the complexity of the tasks that railway companies need to tackle, which is why IVU.rail contains all the tools required for successful operations. It is a configurable standard system, facilitating a quick and easy implementation. As the industry-leading resource management system, IVU.rail supports railway companies around the world to optimally deploy vehicles, ensure employees are at the right place at the right time, provide information to millions of passengers and manage transport contracts.

Train path management
Efficiently keeping trains on track

Rail transport requires long-term planning of all operational resources: Train paths need to be ordered from the network operator, and vehicle and personnel availability needs to be checked in advance. At the same time, volatile conditions such as short-notice train path changes create challenges for planners and dispatch managers. IVU.rail’s integrated train path management function helps them to tackle such highly complex tasks by allowing them to view the latest timetable that has been planned and published by the network operator in IVU.rail and incorporate it into operational timetable and vehicle scheduling.

The module has an option for importing train paths into IVU.rail via interfaces regardless of whether the current timetable is being edited or not. The system already supports the upcoming European TAF/TAP TSI standards for digitalising train path applications.
The system also provides a train path history. It enables planners to analyse train path changes before transferring them to the scheduled trains. For instance, there may be a difference between ordered and received train paths or an update to a train path because of new tracks or other infrastructure work.
An integrated conflict model also makes planners aware of technical conflicts between a train and a scheduled train path. To support the tracking of changes over time, timetable planners can manually determine if they want to change the train and its trips to match the new train path. The adjustment process that follows is automatic to reduce error-prone and time-consuming manual edits. The graphical dispatch view displays and filters emerging vehicle dispatch conflicts automatically using a colour code. This allows dispatch managers in the control centre to keep track of ongoing conflict situations at all times.

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End-to-end solution for bus and rail

An integrated, one-stop solution – IVU.suite offers the right support for all fields of activity of bus and rail companies: from planning, dispatch, fleet management, ticketing, and passenger information through to the settlement of transport contracts.

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