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Accounting and reporting
Systematic control and settlement of transport contracts

One system for almost all tasks relating to transport contracts – with IVU.control you can carry out continuous planned/actual synchronisations for the settlement of transport contracts and efficiently process the large volumes of data which arise in the process.

Transport contracts are complex rule systems that also define consequences for non-compliance. For example, subsidy requirements, reductions, or penalties must be calculated and documented. The complexity of the contractual rules to be taken into account, the interactions of different quality parameters, and the enormous volumes of data from different sources require a system specially tailored to this task – IVU.control. For over twenty years, we have been constantly developing the system with our customers and users and integrating any changing or new requirements as quickly as possible. Thanks to regular releases, users receive updated and extended software versions and therefore always remain up to date.

How you benefit
from IVU.control

For transport operators

Service controlling
With IVU.control you can continuously monitor the transport scope to be provided depending on the contract and the fulfilment of quality guidelines on the basis of actual operational data.

Automatic reports
Reports and data deliveries to the task managers can be created quickly and automatically and their contractual consequences can be determined in advance. This way, the later settlement will not come as a surprise.

Internal quality assurance
IVU.control enables the development of internal quality assurance in order to check the operational quality and the effectiveness of measures. In this way, subsidy reductions and penalties can be avoided.

For task managers

Automated planned/actual synchronisation
Transport contracts with different transport operators can be displayed and monitored in detail with their individual regulations on the scope of services and quality.

Efficient settlement
IVU.control significantly speeds up monthly and annual settlements. In doing so, you can precisely delimit your evaluations to the respective area of responsibility.

Systematic reporting
IVU.control enables systematic and automated reporting, for example to compare the operating quality in different transport contracts.

Document use of public funds
The use of public funds can be documented in detail (subsidies, reductions, penalties) and proven to auditing authorities.

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End-to-end solution for bus and rail

An integrated, one-stop solution – IVU.suite offers the right support for all fields of activity of bus and rail companies: from planning, dispatch, fleet management, ticketing, and passenger information through to the settlement of transport contracts.

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