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IVU.suite at rms

Hofheim am Taunus, Germany


Vehicles (RMV) Currently approximately 250 buses connected to the system with around 15 operators (as at: December 2020)
Transport capacity (RMV) 805 million passengers/year (estimate from 2019) over an approximately 14,000 km2 operating area
Operations Public transport, software
Goals Harmonise the IT landscape in RMV, Implement a multi-operator system, Coordinate the individual transport operators
Special features Many different transport operators within RMV, Individual regional requirements, rms as operator of the system delivered by IVU
IVU products IVU.fleet, IVU.cockpit, IVU.box, IVU.fare, IVU.ticket, IVU.realtime, IVU.control, IVU.system.monitoring


Initial situation

Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH (RMV) transports around 805 million passengers every year. As one of the biggest transport associations in Germany, RMV coordinates and organises around 160 bus and railway service operators – both small and large – over an area covering around 14,000 km2. A number of local public transport authorities operate in this region, too. Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund Servicegesellschaft GmbH (rms), a wholly owned subsidiary of RMV, supports the further development of digital sales, data supply for passenger information systems and development of software solutions.


To relieve the individual transport operators of the administrative tasks involved in the use of complex IT systems for operational purposes, rms decided to offer RMV members an multi-operator operation control system. The system is entirely voluntary for transport operators and local public transport authorities.

"Association-wide IT harmonisation is a challenging task. IVU, with whom we have been working for a long time, was our first implementation partner. Thanks to the integrated IVU solution, we now receive significantly better data from the individual RMV operators – both in terms of quality and quantity."
Jörg Puzicha
Managing Director | rms

At the same time, the local public transport authorities can see what’s happening at any given time. IVU.fleet.view, for example, provides a quick and simple analysis of all journeys made and so supports complaints management. In its capacity as system operator, rms uses IVU.system.monitoring to help it to respond instantly to technical problems.

While IVU supplies and sets up devices, interfaces and operators via IVU.xpress quickly and with no hassle for the members of the association, rms ensures problem-free operation and first-level support.


Thanks to IVU.suite, rms offers transport operators in RMV a reliable and high-performance cloud platform for managing their operational tasks (subject to a usage fee). The association and its members benefit above all from consistently high data quality and standardized processes across multiple companies. And don’t just take our word for it: since the solution was launched, the number of connected operators and public transport authorities has increased continuously.

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