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Archieving success together
Software and services from a single source

There are many steps between winning the concession and starting up the first vehicle. IVU is on hand as a reliable partner for its customers, and helps them to keep all requirements manageable and fulfil their tasks as effectively as possible, including when operations are up and running.

IVU's solutions increase transport operators' abilities, allowing them to establish an end-to-end digital workflow and integrate all operational areas – from planners through to drivers. We understand that transport operators’ tasks are as specific as the routes they operate, which is why IVU.suite inherently contains everything that is required for successful bus and rail operations. One standard system for everything – making it quick and easy to implement. We do not leave our customers to fend for themselves here. Configuring interfaces, delivering projects quickly, hosting IVU systems or providing technical support – whatever the requirement, we find customised solutions together to ensure reliable bus and rail services.

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Connect peripheral systems seamlessly

In an integrated world, software products never run in isolation. IVU.integration ensures that all systems interact optimally and that data flows seamlessly – from correct timetable printouts and connection of on-board computers and external products to evaluations and statistics. IVU.integration contains numerous standard­ised interfaces to connect external systems. In this way, control centres always remain informed about all processes and payroll accounting automatically receives all data from working time recording.

How you benefit from IVU.integration

  • Continuous data flow
    Use data across system boundaries: IVU.integration connects your peripheral systems with IVU products
  • Automated workflows
    High-performance online interfaces and automatic, time-controlled data processing accelerate work processes
  • Standardised protocols
    Standard interfaces such as railML or the VDV protocols ensure connectivity and facilitate the integration of external systems
  • Secure data transmission
    The latest communication protocols and encryption mechanisms enable secure data exchange between your systems
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Standard process for standard products

Every transport operator has its own identity and its own ways of working. With the IVU.xpress implementation process, IVU.suite can be run quickly and efficiently in all environments. This ensures firmly defined project execution from the start of the project and system design to the final roll-out.

This ensures that you can deploy the IVU.suite range of solutions productively right from the start and cover all applications required for smooth operations. Detailed configuration options make our systems highly flexible and minimise development costs.

How you benefit from IVU.xpress

  • Rapid commissioning
    Ready to use in just a short time: The rapid roll-out of IVU’s systems ensures short project duration
  • Customised processes
    Perfectly optimised in line with IVU’s standard solutions, IVU.xpress is ideal even for highly complex environments
  • Plannable project execution
    Keep track of exactly what is happening and when, thanks to a clearly structured workflow with defined milestones
  • Lower costs
    IVU.xpress cuts costs: The more quickly your new system goes online, the lower the project costs
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Always at your side

Successful IT projects are based on trust. This is something that we value. In both urban and regional transportation, we provide our customers with support throughout the overall project – and beyond. After successful commissioning, IVU.service is always available to contact afterwards, so that all vehicles always reach their destinations.
IVU.service is your direct line to IVU: highly skilled experts will assist you in all questions concerning the use of IVU products, organise training sessions and help you if you happen to experience any problems.

How you benefit from IVU.service

  • Direct support
    Whether you have questions about using our products, want to learn more about training opportunities or need to report a problem, IVU.service assists you in the deployment of IVU.suite
  • Professional contact persons
    Our highly experienced support employees know IVU’s systems inside and out and always find a solution
  • Active support
    You can rely on us: IVU.service tells you when maintenance updates and new releases are available
  • Always available
    Our 24/7 hotline answers your questions quickly and without fuss
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Everything from a single source

IVU.cloud allows IVU to take on full technical operations management for IVU.suite – from hosting and maintenance through to installation of updates. Powerful, highly available, secure and reliable: IVU.cloud remains fully scalable, for example when new links or routes are added. This ensures flexibility.
In terms of performance, availability and data security, IVU.cloud is completely on a par with a locally installed version of IVU.suite. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing IT landscape. Fully encrypted protocols ensure data security. 

How you benefit from IVU.cloud

  • Smooth operations
    Uninterrupted processes: We use high-availability servers to ensure that your operations never come to a standstill
  • Secure data storage
    Always protected: We encrypt connections via VPN and store your data only in certified data centres
  • Fully scalable
    Whether your requirements are increasing or changing, IVU.cloud adjusts itself dynamically to new situations
  • Always up-to-date
    With our hosting service, we assume responsibility for your installation and take care of maintenance and updates
Targeted introduction, planning and optimisation of the IVU software with the help of IVU.consult

Expert Services to support transport operators

IVU.consult GmbH provides targeted support to transport operators in using and implementing IVU software. Customers will benefit from decades of in-house expertise to make the best use of the IVU suite and to support your transportation planning and operations.

Find out more

How customers benefit from IVU.consult

  • Support with tenders
    Through the expert use of selected IVU.suite products and powerful optimization features, we help customers in submitting highly efficient bids for tenders for transport services.
  • Optimisation projects
    IVU.consult conducts in-depth resource optimization studies and scenario analyses. These studies can help inform decision-making for operations planning and can provide options for efficient deployment of resources to save time and reduce costs.
  • Planning-as-a-Service and training
    IVU.consult experts can provide support for timetable, vehicle schedule, and crew schedule creation. Support may be necessary during peak planning periods, times of planning staff shortages and more. Further, our experts offer add-on training for IVU products to ensure that you get the most out of the IVU software.
  • Management consulting
    Change management and process consulting ensure efficient introduction of the IVU.suite and optimise work processes.
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