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Financial calendar

29 Mar 2023

Annual report


24 May 2023

Quarterly report


25 May 2023

Annual general meeting


23 Aug 2023

Half-year report 2023


22 Nov 2023

Quarterly report


Financial reports

IVU Traffic Technologies AG - 3. Quarterly Statement 2022
Quarterly report


IVU Traffic Technologies AG - Half-Year Financial Report 2022
Half-year report


IVU Traffic Technologies AG - 1. Quarterly Statement 2022
Quarterly report


IVU Traffic Technologies AG - Annual Report 2021
Annual Report


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Learn more about the IVU share: shareholder structure, share buybacks, capital measures

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Responsible corporate governance and sustainable value creation are important to IVU. We closely follow the German Corporate Governance Code, whose recommendations and suggestions form the framework for good and responsible corporate governance. 

Below you will find further information on how corporate governance is practised within IVU. 

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Dividend policy
“We want our shareholders to participate appropriately in IVU's success. Our long-term shareholders in particular should be rewarded for their loyalty and commitment.”
Portrait picture of Martin Müller-Elschner
Martin Müller-Elschner
CEO, IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Sitting man from diagonally behind holding IVU annual report openly in his hand

Annual general meeting

Information on the annual general meeting can be found here: documents, voting results, archive


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