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Hints and tips
about the application process

Five Steps
to IVU

Are you interested in one of our vacancies?
We look forward to receiving your application! As soon as we receive your application documents a multi-stage process begins – we want to work together with you to find out whether and where you can play a part at IVU.

1. Application documents
Please send us your complete set of application documents with cover letter by e-mail to job@ivu.de or complete the application form for the job opening. We will confirm the receipt of your application within one to three days.

2. Application check – in the first two weeks
We will carefully check your profile together with the relevant executives in regard to your qualifications and experience.

3. Invitation to an interview – after around three weeks
If your skill set meets our requirements profile, we would love to meet you in person. In an interview with two managers or HR representatives, you will have the opportunity to see whether we are the right company for you and to convince us why you are the right person for us as well as to ask any questions you may have and outline your expectations.

4. Invitation to a second interview – after around four weeks
If the first interview was promising, we will invite you to a second one to be held in the presence of two other managers so that they, too, can get to know you in person. In the second interview at the latest, you will get to meet your future HR manager and have a chance to talk with them in more detail about the kinds of things you will potentially be doing here at IVU.

5. Contract offer
If your impression of us is as good as ours of you, we will be delighted to offer you a contract and welcome you to IVU.

How can applicants submit their documents?

We value the individuality of each and every one of our employees – including right at the start when we receive your application. It is entirely up to you whether you e-mail it to us or complete the application form, which can be found at the end of every job advertisement. You decide on the format you want to use for submitting your application.

What further documents should applicants send?

When you are putting your application together, put yourself in our shoes and select supporting documents for a professionally interested reader. In terms of certificates, we are primarily interested in educational and training certificates and evidence of employment. It makes sense to include supplementary advanced training certificates as well if they are current and clearly relevant for the position in question.

What role does a photo play in the application?

We are happy to have a photo, but it is by no means necessary. The photo presentation can be as individual as you are: in a suit or more casual, black-and-white or in colour – it is up to you! Good candidates are more important to us than good photos after all.

What interview tips do you have?

You do not need to learn the entire contents of our website by heart to prepare for the interview. It should, however, be clear in the interview that you have engaged with IVU and your future duties and responsibilities here. Explain to us why you are exactly the person we are looking for. Authenticity is extremely important to us – we want to get to know you as a person, aside from your professional qualifications. We are looking for really good candidates, and will take the time to get to know you in both interviews.

Meet the recruiting team

Portrait painting of Henning Müller
Henning Müller, Recruiting, Berlin - Projects
I lead our recruiting team and support the application processes for our project departments in Berlin.
Portrait painting of Marina Bischof
Marina Bischof-Soumagné, Recruiting, Aachen - Development
I support the application processes for the development departments at our Aachen location.
Personalabteilung IVU - Sarah Hübner
Sarah Hübner, Recruiting, Aachen - Projects
I support the application processes for the project departments at our Aachen location.
Personalabteilung IVU - Karina Sandberg
Karina Sandberg, Recruiting, Berlin and Leipzig - Development
I support the application processes for our development departments in Berlin and Leipzig.
Personalabteilung IVU - Jessica Sobieraj
Jessica Sobieraj, Recruiting & Active Sourcing
I approach new talents in career networks and find the right position for them at IVU.
Portrait painting of Anja Buchwitz
Anja Buchwitz, applicant management and health
As a recruiting coordinator, I’m responsible for applicant management. I am also the inclusion officer and a member of the health management team.
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Then take a look at our job openings! Join our team – we are looking forward to receiving your application.


If you have any questions about our current job openings or your application, feel free to get in touch. Simply send an e-mail or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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