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System solutions
Software and hardware from a single source

The on-board computer is the digital control centre on the bus. It records and processes all transactions in real time, communicates with the control centre, manages the on-board electronics, collects data, and informs passengers.

To do all this, on-board computers require not only high-performance hardware that is state-of-the-art, but also appropriate software. IVU offers a one-stop solution from a single source for everything, from the IVU.fleet control centre system, the vehicle connection with the IVU.box.gateway and the IVU.cockpit on-board computer software, to the device itself. This ensures uninterrupted data flows and smooth processes.

The on-board computers IVU.box and IVU.ticket.box as well as end devices connected to the IVU.box.gateway are equipped with all the interfaces required to connect the full range of peripheral devices in the vehicle. The on-board computers support common mobile communication standards as well as analogue and digital radio, record position data using GPS, and transmit data via Wi-Fi. They also evaluate sensor data, control the doors, and manage external e-ticket readers such as IVU.validator.

Cutting-edge data protocols turn the on-board computers into a high-performance passenger information platform. They use international standard protocols such as IBIS-IP and ITxPT to not only provide passengers with visual and acoustic information about the next stop, but to also tell them about the currently available connections there.

The interactions between all these components, from the control centre to the on-board technology, produce a future-proof service offering that benefits passengers and transport operators alike.

IVU.ticket.box in the driver's cabin in the bus


The integrated on-board computer acts as an in-bus control centre. It records all processes, communicates with the control centre and issues tickets. 

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