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Abstrakte Darstellung wie verschiedene Orte einer Stadt mit gebogenen Linien und Punkten verbunden sind

Maximum efficiency

Duty and Vehicle Working Optimisation

For maximum efficiency, the planning products of the IVU.suite enable you to coordinate duties and vehicle workings. To do this, the vehicle working optimisation always finds an adequate and cost-minimising solution for the set of trips to be scheduled. The high-performance optimisation core thus automatically creates vehicle workings according to individual requests and thereby minimises the number of vehicles needed.

Subsequently, the duty schedule optimisation ensures that all vehicle workings and arising activities are optimally covered. Thanks to high-performance optimisation algorithms, it can combine thousands of duty elements, crewing guidelines, and qualifications into an optimal duty schedule within a few minutes. With the help of variants and adjustments, the planners can also quickly react to sudden modifications, leaving duty schedules broadly unchanged.

In regional transport in particular, the creation of vehicle working schedules and duty schedules must be carried out simultaneously. With the integrated duty and vehicle working optimisation, transport companies can reach the best possible results even in this environment. The system starts with a timetable and then creates a comprehensive, optimised, coordinated vehicle working schedule and duty schedule. The division of vehicle workings and duties among the vehicle and personnel depots can be specified in advance – even for the division of parts of the timetable among subcontractors.

Automatic Personnel Dispatch (APD)

With the APD, IVU.suite optimises personnel allocation. The system sets duty sequences and allocates these to the corresponding employees. Depending on the operational requirements, it pays attention to fair allocations or balanced working times, for example. Furthermore, the APD automatically takes qualifications, holidays, trainings, and requests into account – and thereby increases the flexibility of the driving personnel.

Besides everyday operations, the optimisation also supports economic decisions, such as whether to apply for a tender. It can be used to calculate scenarios for routes that have not yet been acquired and as a basis for an efficient offer, in order to be one carriage length ahead of the competition, as it were.

Overview of Our Solution

Cyanfarbenes Icon mit zwei Bussen die von zwei Pfeilen als Rechteck mit abgerundeten Ecken umrahmt werden
Efficient Vehicle Workings for Buses and Electric Buses

The vehicle working optimisation automatically takes scheduled maintenance tasks and charging times into account and constantly finds an adequate and cost-minimising solution.

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Comprehensive Duty Schedule Optimisation

The duty schedule optimisation covers all vehicle workings and arising activities optimally and pays attention e.g., to guidelines from the Working Hours Act or qualifications of the driving personnel.

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Automatic Personnel Dispatch (APD)

The APD sets duty sequences and allocates these to the corresponding employees. Depending on the operational requirements, it pays attention to fair allocations or balanced working time accounts, for example.

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Efficiency Gains in Operation

Using the optimisation, scenarios for future routes in transport tenders can be calculated and used as the basis for an efficient offer.

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Mature Technology and Up-to-Date Science

Leading algorithms support the quick creation of duty and vehicle working schedules and rosters that meet all legal and operational requirements.

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