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IVU.suite at VBZ

Zurich, Switzerland


Employees Approx. 2,500, including approx. 1,400 in transport service
Vehicles 217 buses, 258 trams, 2 funicular cars
Transport services 325 million passengers per year, 31,888 million vehicle kilometres
Operations Public transport
Objectives More efficient dispatching, Requested duty planning, Configurable system, Better evaluation options
Special features Extensive requested duty planning, Highly complex duty, duty sequence and payroll rules
IVU products IVU.crew, IVU.pad

Initial situation

Zurich is synonymous with quality of life. This is partly because of the city’s outstanding public transport network. As one of the most modern transport systems in the world, it is regarded as a model for major international cities. Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) makes a key contribution here. A total of 480 vehicles are in operation in the city and the canton, navigated by around 1,400 employees in transport service.

To plan their staff assignments, VBZ had a custom software solution specially developed in the 1990s. However, after nearly 20 years, the system is technologically outdated and no longer meets the increased requirements. Enhancement is only possible to a limited extent and involves high costs.


Instead of continuing to invest in expensive custom software, VBZ planned to introduce a standard product with a wide range of functions. The new system was to go beyond the existing functionalities as well as make dispatching more efficient and, in particular, simplify the complex planning duties according to staff preferences, days off and holidays.

Extensive configurability was to ensure that the solution could be flexibly adapted to VBZ’s specific requirements. In addition, HR managers expected the chosen software to provide better evaluation options and statistics in order to optimise planning quality and enable a more targeted response to potential bottlenecks.

"IVU.crew has made our duty allocation and staff dispatching easier, more efficient and more transparent. We believe that we are well equipped for future challenges."
Bruno Häfeli
Head of Driver Dispatching | VBZ


Dispatching at VBZ is now based on an modern, technically advanced system. Dispatchers and employees alike benefit from it. Freely configurable rules mean that the complex duty, duty sequence and payroll rules of VBZ can be stored in the software with no need for programming. With automated personnel dispatching (APD), the dispatchers calculate the optimum duty allocation for employees with IDP (individual duty planning), thus increasing the efficiency of the staff rosters, which are also fairer and more stable overall.

The transition to the employee portal was virtually without problems. Transport service employees can now easily submit their preferred duties via a web browser. Dispatchers immediately see whether a request is viable and can adjust planning accordingly. At the same time, the portal helps to tell employees about such things as holiday approval, duty changes and current information.

The numerous evaluation functions of IVU.crew also give managers a constant full overview of completed duties.

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