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IVU.suite at Torghatten

Brønnøysund, Norway


Employees Around 1,800 drivers
Vehicles Over 1,300
Transport services Around 90 million passengers/year, over 72 million vehicle kilometres
Operations Regional bus transport
Objectives Unify planning throughout group, Increase efficiency of vehicle and personnel deployment, Reduce maintenance workload
Special features Multiple companies with a variety of system landscapes, Optimisation of planning and dispatching, Duration of introduction only about one year
IVU products IVU.timetable, IVU.run, IVU.duty, IVU.vehicle, IVU.crew, IVU.pad.employee

Initial situation

Torghatten ASA is one of Norway’s largest transport operators. The group runs several bus and ferry services alongside regional airlines, providing reliable means of getting its passengers to the very furthest reaches of the country.

Torghatten’s subsidiaries include Norgesbuss, which operates services including school buses in Oslo and Akershus as well as express buses to Oslo Airport. Norgesbuss has been using IVU solutions for scheduling and dispatching vehicles and personnel since 2001.

Having witnessed the benefits as the parent company, Torghatten decided to introduce IVU.suite to some of its other subsidiaries as well.


By migrating to IVU.suite, Torghatten was aiming to cut down on the number of different systems used within the group and establish standardised processes across all its constituent companies. Optimisation in particular was intended to make vehicle and personnel deployment more efficient. At the same time, the group wanted to reduce the workload involved in technical software maintenance by outsourcing hosting.

"Thanks to the excellent optimisation core of the IVU.suite, we have achieved high savings. It was easy to make the decision to standardise the scheduling and dispatch across the Group as a whole using the IVU system to use synergies and make the best possible use of our resources."
Atle Rønning
CEO | Norgesbuss

An employee portal completes the digital workflow. The mobile application directly involves Torgehatten employees in dispatch and allows them to view their work time accounts and access payroll accounting at any time.

The entire system is hosted and maintained by IVU as part of IVU.cloud. With the aid of IVU.xpress, a special introduction process, it was also possible to provide the standard system within a short space of time.


All subsidiaries were in a position to handle their complete scheduling processes with IVU.suite after a project term of only about a year. Operational workflows in scheduling and dispatch have been streamlined and are now standardised across the entire company.

It did not take long for optimisation to begin paying off, with scheduling efficiency rising by a few percent at the various companies. That enabled Torghatten to submit some very competitive quotations in tender processes. The group secured three new concessions and entered the Swedish market within the first year of switching to IVU.suite.

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