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The end-to-end solution for bus and rail

An integrated, one-stop solution – IVU.suite offers the right support for all fields of activity of bus and rail companies: from planning, dispatch, fleet management, ticketing and passenger information through to the settlement of transport contracts.

IVU.suite maps all the operational processes performed by transport operators, offering a suitable solution for every task. With the IVU.suite, bus operators and railway companies achieve more, allowing them to establish an end-to-end digital workflow and integrate all operational areas – from planners through to drivers. Whether they use an end-to-end solution or stand-alone products, all data remains in a single system. This ensures efficiency – on the road, on tracks and in the control centre.


Highlights –
Using buses and trains better

01 Rail

Every day is filled with complex tasks for railway companies: creating timetables, planning vehicle schedules, organising duties, operating trains, managing data and much more. These complex tasks require specialists with the right training and the right tools. IVU.rail maps a railway company’s operational processes in their entirety, offering a suitable solution for every task.

All benefits for rail transport

02 E-mobility integrated

The future of mobility is electric. Transport operators face many challenges, such as determining power supply requirements, planning and building charging stations, adjusting vehicle workings to suit ranges, integrating charging times, monitoring the state of charge (SoC) and infrastructure, planning charging processes, dispatching in realtime and learning from the data.

Everything on the use of electric buses

03 System solutions

IVU offers a one-stop solution for everything, from the control centre system and the on-board computer software to the device itself. This ensures uninterrupted data flows and smooth processes.

The integrated IVU system in detail

04 Optimisation as a driver of efficiency

Planning vehicle schedules and duties is a demanding task. The ability to deploy all resources properly and as effectively as possible poses a real challenge. But the potential here is significant: Making vehicle and duty schedules even just a few percent more efficient can save bus operators and railway companies a lot of money – for trains and (electric) buses alike.

Optimisation in detail

05 IVU.pad – the digital workplace

The IVU.pad is a constant companion for drivers, customer service advisors and office-based staff. The mobile app keeps them in the loop – any time, any place. Important documents such as duty schedules, handbooks and forms are always available.

All benefits for mobile personnel

This is what
our customers say

"The completion of this very ambitious project is a milestone in the ongoing digitalisation of DB Regio's core processes. The fact that we now work with the same system in our transport networks makes consistent planning and dispatch, from vehicle scheduling to personnel deployment, much easier."
Oliver Terhaag
Director of Production for DB Regio AG
“We are fully convinced that IVU.rail is the right system to support our business and that IVU is the right partner now and in the future to increase our efficiency and continue our process of digitalization.”
Johan Näsman
"Together with IVU, we want to make the path to electromobility as simple and straightforward as possible for transport operators. The deployment-tested overall eMobility system is suitable for any type of fleet – be it 10 electric buses or large mixed fleets of more than 1000 vehicles."
Mirko Sgodda
Head of Sales, Marketing and Services | Daimler Buses
"With IVU, we have reached a new level of transparency and flexibility in duty scheduling and optimisation. IVU.rail has enabled us to find the genuinely optimum solution and increase our productivity on a long-term basis."
Mauro Natali
Production Manager Regional Transport during the IVU implementation project in 2016 | Trenitalia
"Thanks to the excellent optimisation core of the IVU.suite, we have achieved high savings. It was easy to make the decision to standardise the scheduling and dispatch across the Group as a whole using the IVU system to use synergies and make the best possible use of our resources."
Atle Rønning
CEO | Norgesbuss
"We are pleased to be able to use IVU's proven standard system in our newly won concession as well. Our planners and dispatchers have already built up a high level of expertise with IVU.rail in the Pendeltågen network, which is why we can carry out the new project almost completely independently."
Frida Ukmar
CEO | MTR Mälartåg
DB Fernverkehr
“That is a big step towards the end-to-end digi­talisation of our planning processes. It means that we have laid the foundations for our integrated production platform that will replace the many different individual systems.”
Dr. Philipp Nagl
Member of the Management Board for Operations | DB Fernverkehr
"IVU.suite has enabled us to roll out a solution throughout Switzerland and to establish uniform standardised processes. Nevertheless, we are still flexible where necessary. It allows us to increase our efficiency, reduce our costs and ensure that PostBus retains its competitiveness in the future."
Jean-Pierre Boillat
Head of Production Projects | PostBus Switzerland
“This system is one of the most important digitalisation projects for the company: it will be used for planning train journeys and staff workload. This solution will allow the company to analyse everyday operations and increase efficiency by taking away the burden of manual activities and excessive paperwork”.
Linas Baužys
CEO | LTG Link
“The integrated IVU.suite solutions that are especially tailored to battery buses save us numerous individual work steps in the dispatch. In the future we will profit from a completely digital workflow, from rostering to charging management.”
Dietmar Schneider
Division Manager for Technical Operations | ESWE Verkehr
"That we would be able to bring the system into productive operation on time after only six months was by no means a given and indicates the high performance of the IVU.suite."
Alexander Falkenmeier
Business Executive | Start Niedersachsen Mitte
"The modernisation of the passenger information was particularly challenging on account of the size of the bus stations, but also the specific Belgian requirements. Thanks to the IVU solution, we now have a central system for all data transmission for the control centre and passenger information in one."
Yvan Strubbe
Programme Manager | De Lijn
"Having our vehicles, conductors and train drivers in one integrated system opens up numerous opportunities for us to further develop our disruption management, resource optimisation and data-driven operations – a very good solution for the future."
Antti Peura
Head of Digital, Regional Services | VR Group
"Thanks to IVU.suite, we can align and centrally manage our processes. This allows us to achieve a very high level of efficiency and makes life easier for our employees. This is a major step for us towards positioning us for future growth and the challenges on the market."
Henrik Behrens
Managing director for the bus division | Transdev GmbH
"Thanks to the integrated planning and scheduling of IVU.rail, we can now standardise many of our previously manual tasks in a digital process and thus work much more efficiently. This will increase our competitiveness, especially with regard to our targeted growth in the European market."
Dušan Mes
Director General | Slovenske železnice
"The integrated approach of IVU.suite convinced us. We will be able to standardise our software landscape and will have everything available from a single source. With IVU, we have gained an experienced partner for long-term cooperation in order to optimally position ourselves for future developments."
Bruno Stehrenberger
Director | Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe
"By choosing IVU.suite we can rely on an integrated solution and IVU as a strong partner to achieve our goals. We’ve come a long way already and I am looking forward to everything we are going to set in motion together in the future."
Otto Sarmiento
CEO | Grupo Express del Perù
"The collaboration with IVU has gone really well. Instead of coordinating multiple suppliers, we receive the entire service from a single source with the IVU.cloud, allowing us to respond quickly to changes and adapt the system flexibly."
Michel Thüring
Head of IT Production | SBB Cargo
"The introduction of the IVU system to this market will go a long way in assisting the management of Public Transport in Lagos. As the local partner in the consortium implementation, we are pleased to have worked successfully with international partners that broadens our capacity and ability to successfully launch the first ITS implementation in Nigeria and West Africa."
Lanre Kuye
OAK Telecom and Technology Consulting
"By introducing IVU.rail, MÁV was able to standardise and modernise their internal processes – thus making them more efficient. At the same time, the standard product’s wide range of parameters and customisability ensured that even MÁV’s complicated regulations could be well implemented."
Gábor Jandrasics
Managing Director | Soring

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