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IVU.rail at DB Regio

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Employees Approx. 17,000 train drivers and conductors
Vehicles More than 4,000 traction units
Transport services

2021: 1.121 billion passengers, 427 million kilometres driven, 21,968 trains/day

Operations Regional passenger rail transport

Standardised planning environment for all operating regions, Integrated and cross-resource production planning

Special features

Planning and dispatch of all transport networks in one system, Central technical operations, Central functional management

IVU products

IVU.timetable, IVU.run, IVU.duty, IVU.vehicle, IVU.crew

Initial situation

With a market share in German passenger rail transport of over 59 percent and an operating performance of 427 million kilometres driven in total per year, the DB Regio AG is the clear market leader in Germany. Besides the Interregio Express, the Regional Express and the regional rail, DB Regio operates 13 suburban rail lines, among others in the cities of Munich and Berlin, as well as in other metropolitan areas such as Rhein-Main and Rhein-Neckar.

Since 2002, the suburban rail lines in Munich and Rhein-Neckar have already been planned and dispatched with IVU.rail, while other operating regions continued to use other solutions in part.


It was important for DB Regio that all regional rail networks of the transport operator, including suburban rail, be combined into one system. The goal was to establish common planning, dispatch and accounting processes and to thereby reduce the costs for technical operations, maintenance and training.

The system should make the entire process of resource planning more efficient and enable the planners and dispatch managers to quickly respond to short-term timetable changes and unplanned orders for special transport services.

"The conclusion of this very ambitious project at DB Regio is a milestone in the digitalisation of our core processes. The fact that we now work with the same system in our transport networks makes consistent planning and dispatch, from vehicle scheduling to personnel deployment, easier."
Oliver Terhaag
Production Managing Board | DB Regio AG

In the future, IVU.rail's duty optimisation will also enable the planners at DB Regio to optimally cover all vehicle workings and occurring activities. Flexible configuration of duties enables the quick and simple recognition of potentials for efficiency gains and cost reductions.

Additionally, DB Regio plans to optimise its duty schedules with the help of the automatic personnel dispatch, and thereby to accelerate the allocation of personnel. In doing so, the dispatch managers can themselves determine how the different optimisation goals should relate to one another. This allows legal, fare-related and technical guidelines for personnel deployment to be saved in the system.

Numerous monitoring functions ensure that the dispatch managers at DB Regio always have potential rule violations or other important key figures in view.


Thanks to a fully integrated system, all planning and dispatch-related data, from timetable planning to dispatch, can be displayed in a consistent state and transparently at all times. All of DB Regio's rail transport networks now work with the same system since the conclusion of the project.

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