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Network and timetable planning
Reliable timetables

Create the optimal timetable in just two clicks per trip: ensure the best connections with IVU.timetable and IVU.trainpath. All basic and infrastructure data is contained within one system, allowing for perfect coordination of routes, headways and trips.

Our solutions, IVU.timetable for public transport and IVU.trainpath for railway companies, support you throughout the entire timetabling process: from setting up route networks and creating timetables, to publishing services and supplying operation control and passenger information systems. Numerous automation functions make it easier for your planners to create trips and resolve conflicts. If you reschedule planned timetable deviations, the system ensures consistent planning information – from trips and vehicle schedules through to duties.
Whether you are configuring individual routes or integrating data from other subcontractors, IVU.timetable and IVU.trainpath have all the information at their fingertips - at all times. Assigning vehicle restrictions, defining guidelines such as seating capacities and itineraries, and designing timetables are all made easier thanks to IVU.timetable and IVU.trainpath.

Your benefits with IVU.timetable + IVU.trainpath

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  • Integrated transport path management
    Manage and plan your paths in a single system: IVU.trainpath makes it easy to handle route resources

  • Detailed train formations
    Strengthening, weakening and portion-working of vehicle formations can be planned thoroughly

  • Future-proof data model
    The transport path management function is already equipped for the upcoming TAF/TAP TSI standards

More about IVU.rail

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  • Clearly arranged displays
    Different views (maps views, tables, bar or line graphs) give detailed insights into your timetable planning

  • Integration of third-party data
    Whether subcontractors or public trans­port networks, IVU.timetable integrates timetable data from different sources

  • Integrated user interface
    The all-in-one system: Planners benefit from a standardised user interface with functions for all drive types

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Electric buses
  • Utilising information
    Topography, infrastructure, consumption profiles: IVU.suite alleviates timetable planning with important information

  • Approaching charging stations
    Whether depot or opportunity charging: Take into account charging stations, including capacities, in your timetable planning processes

  • Machine Learning
    IVU.suite has learning capabilities: Based on the vehicle workings driven, algo­rithms determine exact range forecasts for each vehicle type

More about electric mobility

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From train path application to dispatch

An entirely digital flow of data is essential. IVU.rail creates a consistent data pool from rail to driver.

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Data integration
Timetable administration for public transport networks

You are where everything comes together, creating a unified whole from the timetables and network data of different transport operators. IVU.pool and IVU.integration are compatible with everything – no matter which planning system the data comes from.

As a basis for network-wide timetable information, IVU.pool and IVU.integration make it easy to import timetable data and integrate it in a standardised overall network. IVU.pool and IVU.integration seamlessly manage different timetable versions, allowing you to, for example, take into account the summer construction time­table as early as in the spring. You can also easily include additional data – walking distances, transfer times, points of interest or obstacles at stops or in buildings – in your timetables. A range of automated features relieve you of various routine tasks like importing and exporting data or routing lines for map displays and so help to speed up workflows. IVU.pool and IVU.integration optimise how public transport networks perform their tasks.

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End-to-end solution for bus and rail

An integrated, one-stop solution – IVU.suite offers the right support for all fields of activity of bus and rail companies: from planning, dispatch, fleet management, ticketing, and passenger information through to the settlement of transport contracts.

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