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E-mobility integrated

The future of mobility is electric. Transport operators face many challenges, such as determining power supply requirements, planning and building charging stations, adjusting vehicle workings to suit ranges, integrating charging times, monitoring the state of charge (SoC) and infrastructure, planning charging processes, dispatching in realtime and learning from the data.

IVU.suite maps all relevant operational processes for the deployment of electric buses, offering a suitable solution for every task. IVU.suite enables transport operators to achieve more. Across all process steps, they establish an entirely digital workflow for planning, deployment and operation of mixed bus fleets. From battery-powered electric buses to buses powered by combustion engines and all the way to fuel-cell buses, all necessary functions are provided in a single user interface – regardless of manufacturer. This makes the changeover easy, especially for operators with mixed fleets. We understand that transport operators’ tasks are as specific as the routes they operate, which is why IVU.suite contains everything that is required for successful operation of every vehicle type. One standard system for all – and equipped for future developments. On a daily basis, IVU.suite products help more than 500 transport operators worldwide to deploy tens of thousands of buses and trams efficiently, put employees in the right place at the right time, provide information to millions of passengers and settle traffic data. 

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01 Create optimal timetables and vehicle schedules

Efficient and robust vehicle workings and charging plans for battery-powered electric buses: IVU.suite supports overall vehicle working scheduling from daily deployment all the way to vehicle workings for several days, including maintenance, service, and charging times. Numerous automated functions and self-learning algorithms make workflows much faster.

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02 Deploying staff efficiently

The right personnel for every duty – the duty scheduling tools of IVU.suite provide support for the entire staff rostering process, from the establishment of the first duty schedule, to personnel dispatching and communication with drivers. IVU.pad supports day-to-day operations: The mobile app keeps drivers, workshop employees or service staff in the loop at all times.

03 Organising depots and parking

Parking, charging, maintaining and redeploying electric buses smoothly: IVU.suite’s depot management system assists with all processes in the depot – for all vehicle types, in a single system. Whether it is mixed operations or purely electric fleets, numerous automated functions accelerate workflows and make cooperation easier across all areas of responsibility. 

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04 Monitoring charging processes

Fully charged into the vehicle working – with IVU.suite, planners and dispatch managers have the overall charging process under control, from long-term charge planning to controlling the infrastructure and all the way to energy management in the depot. The software compiles all relevant data, calculates optimum charging scenarios and ensures that battery-powered electric buses always have sufficient power for the intended vehicle workings.

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05 Operations under control

Keeping the entire fleet under control at all times – with IVU.suite, dispatch managers can control and monitor day-to-day operations on the road. Whether it involves battery, hydrogen or diesel power, the system provides the right function for every vehicle type. Numerous automated functions help to ensure a swift and appropriate response in every operational scenario. 

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06 Collecting and evaluating data

From route topography to the battery profile and all the way to the consumption profile, IVU.suite records all relevant target and actual data, merges it and prepares it for further processing. This provides transport operators with all the information they need to analyse electric bus deployment and to determine how they can further optimise their performance.

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Three steps
Load and charging management

The direct line to the charging station: The charging management system in IVU.suite creates the best possible charging plan for your vehicles that are arriving and need to be parked. The system controls and monitors your charging infrastructure, including the preconditioning of the passenger compartment, and takes the load limits of the infrastructure into account in the process.

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Range-based charging

The intelligent charging management of IVU.suite ensures that all electric buses are charged with the necessary amount of electricity for their next trip. In the process, a detailed power consumption forecast also incorporates factors such as weather, the number of passengers and the age and condition of the battery based on data measurements taken during operation.

Integrated depot management

Powerful algorithms automatically determine the optimum parking space and charging plan at the depot. In doing so, the system takes vehicle availability, vehicle types and services into account at all times, while the on-board computer and display inform bus drivers which parking space they should aim for. The direct connection between integrated load and charging management and the charging infrastructure ensures maximum efficiency.

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Geparkte Busse auf einem Parkplatz

E-ready right from the off
The end-to-end solution for e-mobility

The standard IVU system provides numerous functions for the efficient deployment of electric buses of all types right from the outset.

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Thinking about electromobility holistically

End-to-end solution for bus and rail

An integrated, one-stop solution – IVU.suite offers the right support for all fields of activity of bus and rail companies: from planning, dispatch, fleet management, ticketing, and passenger information through to the settlement of transport contracts.

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