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IVU delivers the planning and operations system for public transport with buses and trains, which keep cities alive and make an important contribution to climate protection and the running of critical infrastructures by our customers.

IVU was founded in 1976 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Berlin and has been growing ever since. Milestones in the company’s history include our IPO in 2000 and the acquisition and integration of TTi AG in 2001.
In 2019, IVU employed more than 700 people and generated sales in excess of €80 million.

1. The company

  • Products and solutions:

    IVU develops a range of highly sophisticated IT solutions. The standard products available in IVU.suite help transport operators to plan, control and optimise their operations. Our products are being constantly refined and enhanced, with outstanding software engineering making them durable, functional, stable and scalable. A combination of effective project management and our industry-relevant expertise ensures that we continue to set the standard and run rapid and reliable implementation projects (IVU.xpress). And with IVU.cloud, we offer comprehensive hosting and operation services for our solutions.

  • What sets us apart from the competition:
    IVU’s competitors include providers of similar product offerings as well as individual products and solutions. To succeed in this market, we need to be better and offer something more. With IVU.suite, IVU more than keeps up with the competition at a technological level in all areas; but what sets IVU apart is its ability to cultivate equal, effective and long-term partnerships with its customers. Our range of powerful standard products enables us to run rapid and reliable implementation projects.

2. Our corporate goals

IVU Traffic Technologies AG is a public limited company listed on the stock exchange, which means that it has a duty towards three key groups: its customers, its employees and its shareholders.
In its running of IVU, the Management Board takes into account all interests to the required extent, complies with all the relevant laws and regulations and, at the same time, embodies and upholds its unique corporate culture and associated values. Our three corporate goals:

  • IVU is a global player for PT IT.
  • IVU operates profitably over the long term.
  • IVU cultivates an attractive corporate culture.

We will explain each of these goals in more detail below.

  • National and international markets:

    IVU.suite sets the standard in IT solutions for planning and running public transport operations. IVU is the market leader in selected regions and among selected customer groups.
    Our home market (currently Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy) is a key pillar of our business and the basis of our product development. At an international level, we strive to achieve a key role in selected markets – primarily through strong partners.
    Railway companies constitute an especially promising customer group because this is an area where standard IT solutions are still not widespread but the willingness to invest is high. With IVU.rail, we want to become the global market leader in this segment.

  • Profitability:

    Long-term financial success ensures that IVU can remain independent and be a dependable partner for our customers and employees. We seek to continuously increase our share of regular income (maintenance, support, IVU.cloud).
    As we continue to grow, we remain profitable – our efficiency (EBIT / gross profit and loss) is at least 12.5%. Furthermore, employees, management, and shareholders benefit equitably from the economic success of the company.
    We have to re-acquire around 70% of our sales each year. The ‘range’ of our order backlog has to be increased. With consistent acquisition drives by all our managers, it’s up to the central sales department to ensure a sustained increase in order intake.
    Complex projects are extremely risky – especially in new markets – when hardware has to be shipped or specialised software developed. We know the risks, consider them carefully and make well-informed decisions.

  • Corporate culture:

    IVU cultivates equal, collaborative and long-term partnerships with its customers, partners and employees. We are open and conscientious in our interactions and always treat our customers and partners as equals. We share and celebrate success with our colleagues.
    The economic success of IVU depends on their smart minds. IVU seeks, finds, and retains the "best and brightest" employees. We value cooperation among colleagues and give everyone the opportunity to pursue a meaningful career and unleash their individual talents in a working environment where their endeavours are valued.

3. Our criteria for achieving our targets

We develop IT and software products and implement systems that meet the needs of our customers and users. Quality and information security are fundamental to achieving our corporate goals. Our criteria:

  • Functionality:
    Our systems are designed to offer all the functions that users need to efficiently perform their operational tasks.
  • User-friendliness:
    We want our systems to be as user-friendly as the complexity of the functions allows, in terms of not only the design of the user interface but also the technical concepts. They have to be capable of properly mapping all operational requirements.
  • Performance:
    Our systems have to offer a good level of responsiveness during interactive processes. And ‘good’ doesn’t just mean quick, but also appropriate – depending on the respective function. They have to offer high throughput during batch processing. Any assessment of performance also includes hardware performance. Our software is designed to make efficient use of hardware in order to offer good value for money.
  • Reliability:
    When used as intended, our software systems must not fail or cause any loss of data.
  • Information security:

    IVU is responsible for your information and how it is processed. IVU’s products and solutions fulfil all our customers’ security requirements. For us, the availability, integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of your information are key to our and our customers’ success.
    We safeguard our products and their operation in the cloud and at the customer’s site as well as ensure their ongoing maintenance and development in IVU. The Management Board is responsible for information security in the company and, together with all employees, ensures that this is continuously optimised.

4. The path to achieving our goals

The quality and information security of an installed IT system and the extent to which our customers are satisfied with a project and its outcome depend on a range of factors:

  • Good employees:
    Our dominance is a result of our team’s skills and performance – whether it’s the project team that supports the customer, the development team that creates the product or the IVU team as a whole. This is why employee recruitment, development and management are so important and are pursued by the management team with a view to getting the very best employees on board and ensuring that they stay with us. We aim above all to recruit project and software engineers with strong specialist knowledge in transport infrastructure and IT. We also continuously strive to train up suitable employees for management positions.
  • A methodical and results-oriented mindset:
    When developing our software systems, we utilise knowledge and experience from the world of software engineering and apply its theoretically grounded and tried-and-tested principles, methods and techniques.
    We work in a results-oriented manner, which means that we value verifiably effective outcomes.
    We want to improve all the time and we want all our employees to be involved in this process.
  • An application- and solution-oriented mindset:
    Our IT systems have to benefit the operational organisation of our customers, which is why their design is based primarily on how they are used rather than on technological capabilities.
  • Project management:
    We manage our projects in a reliable and dependable manner – and always include our customer teams. Installing a high-quality system on time and within the available budget is the top priority of our project management team. The main challenge is to find the right balance between fulfilling formal contractual requirements and pragmatically achieving our goals.
  • Product management:

    IVU’s software and hardware products are being increasingly deployed worldwide, which is why it is important – and critical to the success of IVU as a whole – that they are reliable. For our customers, our products are at the same time long-term investments that also need to be capable of adapting to new or altered customer requirements.
    Thanks to conscientious product management, we ensure that our solutions not only are stable and always offer the required scope of functionality, but also take into account new requirements and are adjusted accordingly – for example, in line with new legal regulations.

  • Information security:
    Thanks to our information security management system (ISMS), IVU ensures that our products and their operation comply with our customers’ current and future information security needs, including all legal, regulatory and contractual requirements. The Management Board has set up a dedicated team headed by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), who acts as the central contact person and is obliged to report to the Management Board.
  • Business practices:
    We are highly professional in the way we do business. This also applies to the offers we make and may mean that we reject tenders with impossible demands or refuse to accept unrealistic deadlines, even if this puts us at a disadvantage in terms of public procurement law.
    We cultivate a trusting and mutually expedient partnership with our suppliers.
  • Industry knowledge:

    Within IVU – so across all our departments and locations – as well as for our suppliers and market partners, the seamless interaction of different applications is of crucial importance. As not only the developer of IVU.suite but also a system integrator working with products from other manufacturers, IVU is constantly required to develop holistic solutions.
    With its specialist publication ‘IT systems for transport operators’, IVU has created a universally applicable basis for modelling data flows and processes for public transport applications. This standard work describes the tasks performed by transport operators and their IT landscape. Looking at transport and IT aspects together creates a basis for understanding between transport operators and system providers that makes communication among each other much easier.

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