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IVU.suite at the Transdev Group

Berlin, Germany


Employees More than 6,900 employees in 45 subsidiaries
Vehicles 391 railcars, 21 passenger railcars, 5 locomotives, 15 trams, more than 1,400 buses
Transport services Annually 255 million passengers, 43 million train kilometres, 68 million bus kilometres, 0,6 million tram kilometres
Operations Public transport, Distribution and maintenance
Objectives A centrally integrated planning and dispatch system, Simplifying and standardising processes, Cost savings in the use of resources
Special features Cross-company working processes, Standard products for fleet management and ticketing
IVU products IVU.run, IVU.duty, IVU.vehicle, IVU.crew, IVU.fleet, IVU.cockpit, IVU.ticket.box, IVU.fare, IVU.ticket

Initial situation

Transdev GmbH, the largest private operator of bus and rail transport in Germany, transports around 255 million passengers a year throughout the country. For a company with 45 subsidiaries and over 6,900 employees, efficient planning and scheduling of vehicles and personnel is essential. For this purpose, Transdev used different locally installed systems, and managed them on a decentralised basis in the various regions.


In order to standardise the resource planning and dispatch of the different bus and rail companies in the group, Transdev was looking for an integrated IT system that would unify all planning aspects of bus, tram, and rail transport. The chosen software should operate centrally to help to automate planning processes and reduce costs.

"Thanks to the IVU.suite, we can largely align and centrally manage our processes. This allows us to achieve a very high level of efficiency and makes life easier for our employees. This is a major step for us towards positioning us optimally for future growth and the challenges on the market."
Henrik Behrens
Managing director for the bus division | Transdev GmbH

The Transdev companies manage the ticketing data in the fare management system IVU.fare and transfers it at the click of a button to the ticketing software IVU.ticket on the on-board computers. IVU.cockpit always displays the correct route and important timetable details to the drivers.

IVU.crew also supports dispatchers with an automatic driver assignment to planned services and an individual roster layout check. Standardised interfaces also ensure a smooth connection to existing peripheral systems.


By unifying the planning and scheduling system for all subsidiaries and centralising operations management with the IVU.suite, the Transdev Group has been able to significantly reduce the costs of operations and organisation. The IVU software replaced the partially manual planning, thus ensuring a transparent planning process with a continuous data flow and a more flexible deployment of employees.

Last but not least, thanks to the automation and optimisation tools of the IVU.suite, Transdev was able to prevail in several tenders and thus win new transport services.

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