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Targeted introduction, planning and optimisation of the IVU software with the help of IVU.consult

Expert Services to support transport operators

IVU.consult GmbH provides targeted support to transport operators in using and implementing IVU software. Customers will benefit from decades of in-house expertise to make the best use of the IVU suite and to support your transportation planning and operations.

Supporting customers in efficiently using their IVU products is the focus of the consulting services. In addition, IVU.consult strives to support clients with tenders, resource optimization projects and operations process consulting. The services begin at an early stage: IVU.consult helps customers in submitting highly efficient bids in tenders for transport services by applying selected IVU.suite modules. For customers managing existing operations, IVU.consult conducts in-depth resource optimisation studies and scenario analyses to help inform decision-making. Finally, IVU.consult team members are also able to provide expert staffing assistance during project and planning phases.

Are you getting the most out of your IVU software solutions?

IVU.consult experts will work with you to evaluate whether the IVU systems you have implemented are used optimally and in such a way as to achieve your business goals. We evaluate your configurations for your use cases and perform system health checks. We also offer professional training or retraining for your system users.

Are you planning new offers or participating in tenders?

Through the expert use of selected IVU.suite products and powerful optimization features, we help customers in submitting highly efficient bids for tenders for transport services. A focus is to deliver resource plans quickly and efficiently, thus supporting you in providing required tender inputs and in generating operations cost estimates.

Is your team sufficiently trained for the daily work with the IVU.suite?

IVU.consult offers standard training courses, covering both high-level introduction sessions to in-depth sessions on specific features that are important to your operations. This will allow both new team members and advanced users to be equipped with the skills to operate the software for everyday operations. If required, we will work with you to attain certification for specific IVU.suite components and products.

Is your team's workload too high?

IVU.consult experts can provide support for timetable, vehicle schedule, and crew schedule creation and during operations. Support may be necessary during peak planning periods, times of staff shortages, critical operation phases and more.

"We accompany our customers along their journey with the IVU.suite and help them to optimally carry out their work processes from planning to operation. We draw on over 40 years of experience in software development and digitalisation in public transport. We love to share this expertise with our customers. Your success is our priority."
Dr. Sebastian Wahle
Managing Director | IVU.consult
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