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IVU.suite at the MVV

Munich, Germany


Employees Approximately 2,000 in the IVU transport service
Vehicles 650
Transport services 69 million passengers per year, 48 million revenue kilometres (2020)

Regional bus transport


Collect real-time data in an integrated way, Improve fare management, Centralise data storage, Standardise processes

Special features Integration of third-party systems
IVU products

IVU.fleet, IVU.cockpit, IVU.ticket.box, IVU.fare, IVU.ticket


Initial situation

Mobility in the area surrounding Munich is white, blue and green. The regional buses in the MVV (Munich transport and tariff association) make the rural districts accessible and connect them with one another and with the Bavarian capital. Within the framework of the association, numerous small and medium-sized transport operators ensure reliable transport services. Before this project began, many of them still operated without any specialized IT support. Thus, a lack of adequate actual data from the vehicles prevented the MVV from providing its passengers with real-time information. In addition, time-consuming manual processes hampered association-wide fare management.


In order to centralise data storage and standardise processes, the MVV launched the ISE (Integrationssystem Echtzeitdaten – real-time data integration system) project. The objective was to set up an IT system capable of handling multiple clients across the association. This should give transport operators without a control centre of their own a simple option for collecting real-time data on their vehicles and using that to provide passenger information and customer service. At the same time, the association wanted to switch to electronic fare management to enable it to track ticket sales more effectively and to create the technical basis for upgrading its offering in the future – with e-ticketing, for example.

“Thanks to the integrative approach of the IVU system, we provide nearly 100% real-time information at all times, with an absolutely convincing quality level, too. Thus, with a variety of data sources from multiple operators, we are improving service and convenience appreciably for our passengers.”
Dr Bernd Rosenbusch
Managing Director | MVV


The quality of the MVV offering has improved noticeably since the introduction of the IVU.suite. Passengers now receive the latest information about their connections at all times, while the transport operators and the MVV profit from simpler processes. Thanks to the new evaluation options, they are also able to better assess their performance and respond accordingly. Moreover, with electronic fare management, the association now has a tool to ensure that sales processes in MVV regional bus services are traceable and transparent at all times. At the same time, digital processing of sales data creates a future-oriented basis for upgrading to e-ticketing.

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