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What do you like most about IVU?

I find it exciting that, through our work, we can achieve useful and tangible results in public transport. 

There's also the working environment, the team spirit and the motivation of each individual. Everyone is open, solution-oriented and committed. I get the impression that everyone also really enjoys what they're doing. Another thing is the helpfulness at IVU – there's always enough time to help someone. I also really like not only being able to organise my schedule and work independently, but also the flexibility here at IVU. In the project area in particular, we always have busy spells, and I love the fact that we can always take time off in lieu at IVU to make up for this.

What do applicants need to be successful in your job?

Flexibility, solution-oriented thinking and an interest in and enthusiasm for collaboration with customers as well as working together with colleagues.

How were your early days at IVU?

It was a warm welcome. I felt that my start at IVU was really positive. My colleagues were extremely receptive and accommodating.

Right at the beginning, I helped to manage a small project for a north German transport operator with 100 buses from the start of the project. We introduced our IVU.crew product there. I gradually took on more and more tasks, and eventually took charge of the entire project. That was exciting for me, especially at the start. The project helped me to understand how our product range is structured and how projects are implemented here at IVU. On top of this, I learned a huge amount about how transport companies operate and got to meet the people who use our software on a daily basis. For me, it was great to have this direct contact with customers and see how IVU software performs in action so soon after starting.

What words would you use to describe IVU?

Openness and blue.