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IVU: Research project for improved competition on the railways

New type of employment cost index for the award process in German short-distance rail passenger transport

Berlin, 11 August 2021 | Precisely calculated employment cost reimbursement and development for fairer competition – based on calculations with the integrated standard system IVU.rail from IVU Traffic Technologies, the railway companies and commissioning authorities have established a new type of employment cost index (ECI) for German short-distance rail passenger transport. This is the first time that the actual employment costs for train drivers and train service personnel can be realistically represented.

Between 2016 and 2020, actual employment costs in German regional rail passenger transport rose much faster than the official transport industry index, which previously reflected them. In order to reflect the employment cost increases in short-distance rail passenger transport as realistically as possible for new contracts, the railway companies and the contracting authorities developed a new type of ECI for new contracts in regional rail transport together with the external consultant KCW and IVU. The new index will be published once a year on the website of the Bundesverband SchienenNahverkehr (Federal Association of Short-Distance Rail Transport) and will be recommended for use in future tenders for new transport contracts in short-distance rail passenger transport.

With the help of the standard software IVU.rail, IVU created exemplary vehicle workings on the basis of sample timetable data provided. Subsequently, IVU's and LBW Optimization GmbH’s powerful optimisation solutions could be used to assign suitable duty schedules and roster layout plans, taking into account selected wage agreements, in order to determine the personnel numbers required for the sample network for each wage agreement. In conjunction with the specific costs per hour, the fully new ECI for short-distance rail passenger transport is then calculated.

"With the new index for short-distance rail passenger transport, the actual costs of the bidders for future transport contracts will be reflected much more reliably over the years, which is ultimately a win-win situation for both sides," says Frank Zerban, Managing Director of the Bundesverband SchienenNahverkehr (Federal Association of Short-Distance Rail Transport). "Our thanks also go to IVU, whose extensive calculations have made our new ECI for short-distance rail passenger transport possible in this level of detail."

"We are proud to have made a decisive contribution to the success of this pioneering research project in German rail transport," says Christian Teschner, Sales Manager Rail at IVU Traffic Technologies. "With the help of our calculations, the employment cost increases in short-distance rail passenger transport are now shown more transparently and competition on the railways is thus considerably improved."



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