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IVU.pad at BUS Ostschweiz

Altstätten, Switzerland


Employees > 300, with 260 drivers
Vehicles 120
Transport services 9 million passengers / year
7 million vehicle kilometres
Operations Regional and urban bus transport

Standardised planning processes, Digitalised employee communication, Configurable system

Special features

Multiple operations with different processes, Different locations, Comprehensive user concept, Connected to IVU.suite planning processes

IVU products IVU.timetable, IVU.run, IVU.duty, IVU.vehicle, IVU.crew, IVU.pad


Initial situation

With buses from RTB Rheintal Bus, WilMobil and BUS Sarganserland Werdenberg, as well as the AOT Autokurse Oberthurgau, BUS Ostschweiz AG (BOS) is the face of public transport between Lake Constance and Lake Walen, as well as in the Wil region. More than nine million passengers use the company's transport offer each year, taking advantage of a route network that extends over 440 kilometres. The company has been using IVU.suite products since 1999 to ensure the efficient deployment of its 120 vehicles and 260 drivers. In order to advance the modernisation and digitalisation of the employee communication, BOS is now introducing the IVU.pad.


In light of increased dispatch requirements, which could not be fulfilled by the previously used mobile solution, BOS was faced with the decision of whether to further develop the existing application or to introduce a new product. The app should integrate harmoniously into the existing IT system, and enable more efficient employee communication. There was a particular focus on the configurability of the system, as well as the swift transmission of damage reports with better integration of the workshops.

BUS Ostschweiz
"IVU.pad has been an extraordinary help for our drivers and dispatch and has been met with a very positive response from our employees. The close collaboration between BOS and IVU during the introduction also contributed to this. This allowed us to identify key requirements early on and incorporate them into product development."
Andreas Deterling
Manager, Supply and Development | Bus Ostschweiz AG


Thanks to the introduction of IVU.pad across the entire company at all locations for the timetable change 2020/2021, BOS can now plan its bus transport even more efficiently and flexibly. The IVU.pad is seamlessly integrated into IVU.suite's existing planning system, and ensures a continuous digital workflow.

The drivers profit from clear duty instructions and improved communication options with the control centre and the workshops, while planning and dispatch can react more quickly to changes or disruptions.

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