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IVU.rail at AKN

Kaltenkirchen, Germany


Employees 130 train drivers

33 traction units

Transport Services 12 million passengers per year

Regional passenger rail transport


Integration of duty scheduling and run scheduling, Improvement of planning results, Digitalisation of personnel dispatch

Specific Details

Swift and simple provision as part of a system upgrade, Integrated workflow from planning and dispatch to the settlement

IVU products

IVU.timetable, IVU.run, IVU.duty, IVU.crew, IVU.pad.employee, IVU.control


Initial situation

AKN Eisenbahn GmbH is a firmly established part of the Schleswig-Holstein rail sector. For more than 130 years, it has guaranteed regular rail transport from the centre and the south of Schleswig-Holstein to and from the Hamburg metropolitan area. Today, the company operates three routes with 33 traction units and 130 train drivers: between Neumünster and Hamburg-Eidelstedt, Elmshorn and Ulzburg Süd as well as Nor­der­stedt Mitte and Ulzburg Süd. Due to growing demands for efficiency and planning quality, the planners were facing challenges that they could not meet to the extent hoped for with the existing system, in which duties and vehicle runs were created in separate processes.


In order to improve the planning results and particularly to unburden the planners and dispatchers, AKN decided to replace the existing system by introducing an integrated system. As well as a uniform approach to personnel dispatch and the combined planning of duties and vehicle runs, it was also intended that optimisation functions should contribute to more efficient personnel deployment. In addition, AKN hoped to automate numerous workflows and thereby noticeably reduce time and effort for planners and dispatchers.

"By introducing personnel dispatch, we’re forging further ahead with digitalisation in our company. Small-scale processes such as duty swaps and reporting in sick can now be done 100% electronically without any intermediate steps or pieces of paper.”
Ulrich Bergmann
Managing Director | AKN Eisenbahn GmbH


The introduction of IVU.rail has significantly simplified the work of the planners and dispatchers at AKN. All relevant data from the duty scheduling and run scheduling as well as the personnel dispatch is now available at any time, meaning that the work cycles are now significantly quicker. Thanks to the optimisation and automation functions, AKN now has better balanced and more efficient duty schedules and run schedules, with less time and effort needed for their creation.

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