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IVU.suite at De Lijn

Mechelen, Belgium


Employees More than 7,800 bus and tram drivers
Vehicles More than 3,200 buses, Around 400 trams
Transport services More than 500 million passengers/year, over 900 bus and tram lines
Operations Regional and urban bus and tram services
Objectives Simplify and standardise fleet management processes, Modernise passenger information
Special features Complete system for all operating regions, Comprehensive information at stops
IVU products IVU.fleet, IVU.realtime, IVU.realtime.stop, IVU.fleet.statistic


Initial situation

De Lijn transports more than 500 million passengers a year in the Flemish provinces of Belgium – by bus, tram or dial-a-bus. The Belgian transport company operates more than 3,200 buses and around 400 trams in Flanders – including the famous Kusttram along the Flemish coast, which, at 68 kilometres, is the longest tram line in the world. Each of the region’s five provinces has its own fleet management. This poses challenges in terms of smooth coordination of traffic and reliable provision of information on current departure times to passengers.


To accelerate timetable planning and increase customer satisfaction, De Lijn and the commissioned industrial consortium THVProfa resolved to restructure the existing systems for operations control and passenger information. A new, central operations control centre was to support the various independent regional control centres and focus data management in one place. De Lijn also wanted to replace its outdated analogue radio system with a state-of-the-art digital system to benefit from improved data transmission. It was also important to retain the existing IT environment and upgrade the system cost-effectively. As part of this, De Lijn also planned to comprehensively modernise the passenger information systems to increase customer satisfaction.

"The process of modernising the passenger information was particularly challenging due to not only the size of the bus stations but also the specific requirements that apply in Belgium. We were really impressed with the powerful IVU software and now have a central, all-in-one system for all data transmission tasks for the control centre and passenger information."
Yvan Strubbe
Project Manager | De Lijn


IVU.suite products enabled De Lijn to implement requirements-oriented fleet management. This enabled the scheduled run data of the once separately managed control centres to be centralised in order to efficiently coordinate processes across the boundaries of the different provinces. Data quality has been significantly improved because De Lijn switched from an analogue to a digital notification system. The IVU solution has also optimised the process of forwarding journey progress information to controlling, which is crucial for the statistical evaluation of operations.

And last but not least, De Lijn’s customers, too, benefit from a reliable information pool. Always up-to-date bus and tram departure times on more than 450 stop displays make life much easier for passengers and help them to plan their trips more reliably.

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