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What was it like starting out at IVU?

My start at IVU was really enjoyable. In my early days, I had a dedicated contact person – a buddy – who devoted more time than I ever would have expected to helping me to resolve problems. So I felt that my initial phase was very positive, and I was pleased that I wasn't left to fend for myself straight away.

What do you like about IVU?

I particularly like the wide range of tasks, the variety. The open working atmosphere is also great. The doors are always open, which I really like. This also makes you less inhibited about just going over to someone and asking for help. I also like the fact that instead of having typical core working hours, you can organise your own day to a large extent. That gives you a lot of flexibility.

How would you describe the collaboration within the team?

Everyone is allowed, enabled and encouraged to contribute their own ideas – regardless of their level of experience. There's a really strong team spirit. This means that IVU is very open and helpful. There's always time to discuss things. As well as engendering a pleasant working atmosphere, this also makes many things much simpler.

What do applicants need to be successful in your job?

My job mainly involves solution-oriented thinking and an interest in the blend of hardware and software development as well as the embedded area

What word would you use to describe IVU?

Interesting. Because I find the subject matter interesting, but also because I can help to shape something relevant that makes life easier for me and probably for many others.