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Compliance with laws and directives

Responsible corporate governance
and sustainable value creation

IVU's management always acts responsibly within the regulatory framework of a listed company and strives for sustainable value creation. We are fully committed to the German Corporate Governance Code and our internal Code of Conduct and have issued a Declaration of Conformity according to Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG).

Our goals

Ensure compliance with laws and directives
Identify and counteract risks

Conduct business in compliance with the law and directives

Our compliance management system makes it easier for all our employees to always act appropriately when working with customers, while maintaining IVU's special corporate culture.

The compliance management system includes various measures and processes to guarantee and monitor our employees’ compliance with national and international regulations and laws. These include a binding Code of Conduct and a publicly accessible whistleblower system.

Our Compliance Officer monitors compliance with the relevant regulations, while a risk management system is also in place to identify and control all risks.

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Respectable business conduct
when dealing with our stakeholders

At IVU, we are known for our special corporate culture: People-focussed, collegial, collaborative, responsible, and law-abiding. The way our employees present themselves determines how we are perceived and contributes greatly to maintaining the trust that our customers place in our company and in our products.

Our goals

Behave professionally with partners, customers and suppliers
Fight corruption and bribery
Create fair competition
Safeguard human rights

The IVU Code of Conduct

With our Code of Conduct, we demonstrate what IVU stands for, both internally and externally. It provides us with a framework for our day-to-day operations that helps us to always make ethical and legally compliant decisions. The Code of Conduct provides customers, partners, shareholders, and the public with a reliable and transparent basis for working with us.

We do not tolerate any form of corruption or bribery at IVU – whether public, private, active, or passive. As a responsible, globally active company, we comply with the anti-corruption laws and regulations of all countries in which we operate.

We conform to the applicable competition and antitrust laws and act according to their requirements. The company's own market position is not exploited, and no agreements are made with competitors that could lead to damage to existing and potential customers.

To respect and protect human rights in the supply chain, we have implemented the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains and are currently working on implementing further measures. All our suppliers and partners are based almost exclusively in Europe; we do not maintain any operations, or have any direct suppliers, in countries with a significant risk of human rights violations.

Sustainability Report

Want to know more about our sustainability strategy? Take a look at our latest annual report.

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