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Our commitment
to the environment

Active climate protection
Our contribution to climate neutrality

At IVU, our commitment to active climate protection drives us to make a significant impact on advancing our society's journey towards climate neutrality. Our approach relies on IVU.suite’s integrated IT systems - these tools support public transport companies to reduce CO₂ emissions by enabling sustainable mobility and therefore promote climate protection. Not only are we dedicated to external impact, but also to internal change, with the goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2025.

Our goals

Promote efficient public transport
Reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency
Promote low-emission mobility choices among our employees

Public transport
as an environmentally friendly mobility option

Our systems ensure seamless and efficient public transport for transport companies in Germany, Europe and all over the world – enhancing attractiveness and passenger satisfaction globally. With the IVU.suite products, we champion sustainable public transport choices, such as bus and train travel, while assisting transport companies in curbing emissions across their entire operation.

  Product Area Environmental impact
  IVU.run Vehicle working scheduling

Efficient vehicle workings, reduction of non-revenue trips


Duty scheduling

Balanced duty schedules


Vehicle dispatch

Optimal allocation of energy-saving vehicles


Personnel dispatch

Fair allocation of duties


Personnel dispatch

Submitting duty requests, avoiding travel paths


Operations control

Vehicle observation and intervention in traffic


Operations control

Driver assistance with hints for efficient driving

  IVU.control Evaluation

Performance analysis shows potential for improvement

Most of the emissions are generated by commuting and energy consumption (especially heating and electricity consumption in our various locations). However, working on the move allows us to save on commuting and to use existing spatial resources more efficiently and sustainably. For example, our employees are encouraged to use public transport as often as possible and unavoidable business air travel is offset by the non-profit organisation "atmosfair". In order to reduce in-house energy consumption, we are also switching to energy-saving LED lighting and plan to increase our green electricity consumption share, which is currently at 35% due to location-based constraints that do not always allow us to choose a clean energy provider.

Efficient use of resources
to minimise waste

At IVU we use our resources carefully and strive for a circular economy. Our emphasis lies in optimising the recycling of internal operational resources and creating partnerships with sustainability-driven suppliers. Due to office activities, commercial waste and the hardware used by employees are the main waste products.

Our goals

Avoid waste and increase how much we recycle
Work with sustainable suppliers

Sustainability Report

Want to know more about our sustainability strategy? Take a look at our latest annual report.

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