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Sustainable relations
Moving forward together

Respectful corporate culture
Transparent, fair, and trusting

Complex systems need clever minds. Again in 2023, IVU successfully recruited many new colleagues. Although the labour market for skilled workers in the IT sector is still tight, we have set ourselves ambitious goals to ensure that we continue to attract and retain highly qualified employees.

Our goals

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Promoting employee satisfaction
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Provide employees with further training
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Create a secure working environment
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Pay fair salaries and give employees a share in the company's success
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Maintain equal opportunities and increase the proportion of female employees
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Ensuring work-life balance

Supporting our employees

Our employees are offered regular training opportunities to gain further qualifications. Both in-house and external training is offered, and topics range in scope from language courses, soft skills, negotiation, modern and agile project management, to courses on new technologies and working techniques, and specific training for developers.

We care for our employees’ health and wellbeing, which is why we offer a range of sports activities, funding for employee-led sports groups, and a weekly active and relaxing break during the workday. The cooperation with Urban Sports Club will allow all IVU colleagues to take advantage of a wide range of sport and wellness options at numerous partner venues. Organised company runs and an annual health day are also part of the programme here at IVU. In addition, there is a cycle to work scheme and fresh fruit baskets are provided in all of the office kitchens to help employees get their 5-a-day.

Employees who have been unable to work due to illness for more than six weeks in one year receive support in their return to work through a structured process within the framework of our company integration management.

"Despite the company’s rapid growth, it is very important to us to maintain our IVU culture across all locations. IVU stands for open doors, collegiality and a meaningful job in an innovative working environment – we definitely want to maintain that."
Vorstandsvorsitzender Martin Müller-Elschner - IVU Traffic Technologie AG
Martin Müller-Elschner
CEO | IVU Traffic Technologies
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Public transport subsidy

As part of our efforts to reduce emissions from commuting to work, we subsidise the use of public transport for our employees at German locations with €50 per month. There are similar provisions in Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands.

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Great Place to Work survey

In the Great Place to Work survey, IVU scored well above average in all relevant survey criteria – credibility, respect, fairness, pride, team spirit. 90% of employees stated that they felt comfortable at work, while as many as 97% praised the flexible working hours.

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Work-life balance

We allow flexible working hours, and our employees are free to work remotely anywhere in the world and increase or reduce their working hours. We also grant all employees who work a five-day week at least 30 days of holiday per year.

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Sustainable customer relationships
IVU as a reliable partner

Our partnerships are strengthened through dynamic and trusting communication. To navigate complex and evolving requirements, we rely on active dialogue with all our stakeholders – always focussing on the customers' perspective.

Our goals

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Focussing on customer satisfaction
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Providing innovative solutions
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Advancing the quality of products and processes
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Securing information
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Protecting customer data

Information security and data protection

Due to the increasing number of hacker attacks, information security remains an important and critical topic at IVU, and one which is handled with vigilance. A team headed by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) acts as a coordinating unit and central point of contact for all information security issues.

Through our Information Security Management System (ISMS), we guarantee that IVU.cloud services, products, and operations consistently meet present and future information security needs of our customers. This encompasses compliance with legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations. Our commitment extends to comprehensive employee training with various exercises that heighten awareness regarding potential security risks. In addition, we pay close attention to personal data protection and adhere to the technical and organisational requirements set out in the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data processing service providers must also strictly comply with all legal and operational regulations.

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Customer satisfaction

Regular communication with our customers is very important to us, which is why we organise annual events such as the user forum and various user groups. We also measure customer satisfaction through regular customer surveys – in the past, over 84% of customers said that they would recommend IVU to others.

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Quality of products and processes

The following objectives help us to ensure the best quality: functionality, user-friendliness, performance, reliability, and information security. To achieve this, we operate a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and are monitored and certified annually by the independent certification body DeuZert®.

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Innovative solutions

Environmentally friendly transport is driven by innovation and digitalisation. That's why our focus is on building prototypes that are then transferred to development as mature products. We also maintain good contacts with technical colleges and universities, where we work together intensively and successfully in research and teaching.

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Sustainability Report

Want to know more about our sustainability strategy? Take a look at our latest annual report.

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