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Efficient IT systems are the key to successful rail operations. They allow railway companies to establish an entirely digital workflow and integrate all operational areas from planners through to train drivers, generating efficiency – on the rails and in the control centre.
Our standard software IVU.rail offers the right support for all processes involved in running a rail transport company – from planning and dispatch, fleet management and passenger information, all the way through to the settlement of transport contracts. IVU.rail’s effective optimisation tools help companies to make the best possible use of all their resources – in turn reducing operating costs without restricting services.


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Key features

  • Sophisticated optimisation tools for highly efficient run and duty schedules
  • Wide ranging automation capabilities to simplify and speed up planning and dispatching tasks
  • Fully integrated software components to reduce redundancy in your planning and dispatching processes
  • Consistent data flow across all channels, from displays and the app, right through to data hubs
  • Uniform data storage enables efficient information management
  • Complete cloud capability: for more flexibility and to save resources
  • And many more

Get to know our customers

Over 500 transport operators worldwide are already using our solutions: including leading railway companies such as Deutsche Bahn, VIA Rail Canada and Trenitalia.

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